Sustainable furniture and luxury products from renewable resources.



Modern Bamboo founder Anthony Marschak started working with bamboo in 1999 while looking for a new flexible material for skateboard decks. By bending and gluing bamboo ply under pressure, Marschak was able to create decks that easily weathered all the abuse top skateboarders could dish out. As an artist and furniture design student at California College of the Arts, Marschak quickly saw a crossover from skateboards to furniture. For five years he experimented with harnessing the natural flexibility and strength of bamboo while attempting to minimize material waste in the production process. During the depths of the research phase Marschak met and befriended Dan Smith of Smith and Fong Plyboo, who had been among the first to begin importing bamboo to the U.S. starting in 1989. “Anthony’s furniture designs are significant,” says Smith. “They are beautiful, innovative and challenging. He is the only person who has approached bamboo from its most significant characteristic… tensile strength.”

Responsible Building

Modern Bamboo works hard to ensure that the materials in our products are as high quality and safe as possible. Manufacturing responsible products that promote a sustainable approach to living continues to be a key objective of our business philosophy. This philosophy ensure that as new materials and technologies arrive, we are at the forefront of socially responsible product development. Our supply chain partners have been chosen based on these shared values and common commitments. Since 1989, Smith & Fong Plyboo has been an innovator in the development of bamboo as an alternative building resource.


A merging of classic Modernism with contemporary advancements, the Modern Bamboo portfolio evokes the minimalist beauty of designs by Sori Yanagi, Charles and Ray Eames, and Verner Panton. The Original collection was developed through years of experimentation, Marschak’s furniture capitalizes on the flexibility, strength, and endurance of bamboo in exquisite pieces that showcase both expert craftsmanship and environmental sensitivity. Recent work has stayed faithful to bamboo as a building source, but experimentation in combining new sustainable materials and processes into various industries has resulted in a host of new and exciting projects. The Modern Bamboo team believes that careful material selection and high-quality craft can be combined with a collaborative openness to successfully drive innovation. Modern Bamboo joins artistry with mindfulness, a new imperative for sustainable products of enduring beauty.